Rhoda Brook: A milkmaid and mother to her illegitimate son, William.
Gertrude: Thomas Lodge's new young wife.
William Illegitimate teenage son of Rhoda Brook and Thomas Lodge.
Thomas Lodge: Landowner
Lizzie: A milkmaid and friend to Rhoda.
Trendle: A woodsman who lives out on Egdon Heath and considered to have special powers.
Minister: The Anglican priest in Holmstoke.
Bessie: Gertrude Lodge's personal maid.
Lily: A young village girl who befriends William Brook.
Jack: A young man in the village.
Percy: A young man in the village.
Florence: A young girl in the village.
Davies: A hangman appointed by Casterbridge Assizes.
Martha: A milkmaid on Thomas Lodge's farm.
Dairyman: The dairyman on Thomas Lodge's farm.
Winnie: Landlady at the White Hart Inn in Casterbridge.
Ensemble: A collection of villagers, farmworkers, and animals who populate the play and who also sing the folk song that becomes an accompaniment and commentary on the action.
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