A doctor and brother to Aisling Wilson; a man with issues relating to alcohol and gambling. Brendon is Irish by birth.



George Wilson is in his 50s and runs a small family firm of  Funeral Directors and struggles to cope with the increasing corporate involvement in the funeral business.



Andrew Johnson is an ambulance driver and married to Louise. He has a young family and is struggling financially.  



Louise Johnson is married to Andrew, is mother to his two  children and is finding a new sense of  herself in the recording of a video blog.



An ordinary citizen in an ‘imagined nation’ who becomes a political activist.




A civil servant and advisor to the Chief Minister in this  alternate, ‘imagined nation’. He is also an old school friend of Reece.



A Roman Catholic priest and pastor to the congregation that  includes both Aisling Wilson and Louise Johnson.



Aisling Wilson is in her 50s. She is wife to George and brother to Brendon. Irish by birth she still considers her religion an important part of her life. She also still has a sense of radical politics about her.



A man in his 30s, he works as an undertaker for Wilson’s Funeral Directors.



He too is in his 30s and works as an undertaker for Wilson’s Funeral Directors.

Chief Minister: 


The senior minister in the government of this alternate, ‘imagined nation.’

Old Man in Pyjamas:


This character is important in that he connects the narrative strands  together, unifying them into a conceptual whole. He does not have a great many lines but is very important, not only to the meaning of the piece, but also to its comedic impact

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