The children referred to in the script are all played by the women who finally end up in Longrove Hospital and should be depicted in a way that symbolises life before and beyond the cares that finally beset them.


In order of appearance:

Mary Mallon: A young Irish woman who emigrates to America and reinvents herself as a cook.
Danny: One of Mary's friends in Ireland who emigrates with her.
Caitlin: Another of Mary's Irish friends.
Father: Mary's Irish father.
1st Politician: A Victorian member of Parliament.
2nd Politician: Another Victorian member of Parliament.
George Warren: A New York Banker who hires Mary as a cook.
Florence Greenhalf:  A young mother and one of the first women incarcerated in Britain.
Policeman One: A British Police Officer.
Policeman Two:

Another British Police Officer.

Midwife: Florence Greenhalf's midwife.
John: Husband to Florence Greenhalf.
Doctor: George Warren's family physician.
Nancy: A maid in George Warren's household.
Jules: Jules Allouis - French Head Chef at the Cafe Royal in London.
Georges Allouis: Son of Jules and May Allouis.
May Allouis: Wife to Jules and an asymptomatic typhoid carrier who was incarcerated in Longrove.
Headmistress: Katherine Andrews, Headteacher of St Margaret's School.
Mary Brooks: A teacher and another of the women incarcerated in Longrove Hospital.
George Soper: An investigative engineer who become's Mary Mallon's nemesis.
London Doctor: The Allouis' family doctor.
Ruby: Danny's New York girlfriend.
Matron: A senior nurse at Longrove Hospital.
Rosina Bryans: Another woamn incarcerated and the last survivor of the Typhoid Marys.
Elizabeth Driver: Another of the women incarcerated in Longrove.
Dr Josephine Baker: Head of the Board of Health in New York.
Deborah: May Allouis' grand-daughter.
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