In order of appearance


Old Peggy: An aging inmate in a psychiatric hospital in Scotland.
The Duchess: A fellow patient
Mother: Peggy's mother
Peggy: The adolescent incarnation of Old Peggy
Father: Peggy's father
Roper: The newsagent/shopkeeper, Willie Roper with whom Peggy falls in love.
Margi: Peggy's young friend.
Boris: A paperboy at the shop.
Daisy: A confused patient in the psychiatric ward.
Foreman: A supervisor at the mine.
Grandmother: Peggy's grandmother
Nurse: One of the staff at the psychiatric hospital.
Lisa: Willie Roper's prematurely arthritic wife.
ARP Warden: An Air Raid Warden.
Canteen Assistant: A member of the catering staff at the hospital.
Lily: The woman who runs the Mother and Baby Home that Peggy attends.
Annie: A young mother at the Home.
Cathy: Another young mother at the Home.
Doctor: One of the psychiatric team at the hospital.
Mrs Stewart: A prospective parent.
Mr Stewart: A prospective parent.
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