Paper Talk :

Below are a series of quotes from reviews of  some of the shows performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

'The narrative is superb as it mutates and distorts as the plot thickens and progresses; with each haunting revelation hitting harder than the last; firmly adding another nail to the coffin of each irredeemable, unforgivable character.' Three Weeks


'The complex plot is gripping and the storyline effectively integrates with the play's moral message' The Scotsman


'This is a remarkable achievement... Relationships are scrutinised fearlessly' The Times Educational Supplement


'The play poetically captures the excitement and sadness of growing up during the fifties through the eyes of children and their parents' The Scotsman


'A sensual and fiery tale brought to the stage in an intense and passionate performance. Love, desire, family troubles and sibling rivalries are all explored as the dance of the Tango follows the characters through life. Tense and intimate... a visual treat, beautifully presented.' Three Weeks


'Gritty stuff... the play does not pull its punches' Broadway Baby


'A strong text peppered with black humour.' The Edinburgh Guide


'An emotional and heart-rending play.' The British Theatre Guide


'In a superb adaptation of Thomas Hardy's short and ghostly tale, The Withered Arm, this young cast expertly venture into the author's world of inequality and cruel chance. A first rate youth theatre show. The British Theatre Guide




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