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A Tony Award for Andy G

Congratulations to Andrew Garfield on gaining the Tony Award for his performance as Prior Walter in the National Theatre's production of Angels in America on Broadway this year. I saw the show in London and it was a quite extraordinary performance and should have got the award in the recent Olivier Awards too, I believe.


People often ask me if I could see how good people like Andrew and Kelly would be when they were in the classroom. The answer is 'yes.' They both had the ability to 'drop themselves down the hole' so far as students, that you could see that being an actor was the most natural thing in the world to them. But more importantly, to my mind, is the fact that for both of them, the key thing was the role  - they didn't make it all about them. They were both outstanding individual talents but they could play in the ensemble too. In some ways perhaps the best role I ever saw Andrew do as a student was playing a relatively minor role as 'Father' in 'Making Echoes' in Edinburgh 2001. The play is about the experiences of young girls growing up in the 1950s and he supported the leads in that show terrifically well.


But the reason they are both actors today is because they had the opportunity to study Drama at school; there's every likelihood that neither of them would be doing the work they are today without it. For students today to be denied the same opportunities because of short-sighted political thinking is criminal; the seeds of Prior Walter could be seen back in 2001 with Andrew's portrayal of Narcissus in 'The Tales of Ovid' - no-one who saw that show will ever mistake the truth of that.

Kelly Reilly

Kelly Reilly is an actress who is rarely out of work and she has followed up her performance in the TV series 'True Detective 2' with a starring role in Jez Butterworth's 'Britannia'.

Presently she is working on a really exciting new project, 'Yellowstone' for Paramount, to be aired on Sky Atlantic in which she plays Kevin Costner's daughter. This show looks fantastic and has already been commissioned for a second series before the first has even been aired - some are describing it as one of the best pieces of television ever made. In the end the audiences will be the judge of that, but below is the official trailer for the series which should air in Britain in the autumn. Personally, I can't wait.

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