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The Characters:

This is a large cast play that offers some scope for doubling up on the smaller roles. A number of the roles could also be played by male or female actors with judicious altering of personal pronouns.

(In order of appearance)

KernaThe Governor of Ajunah Province, a prominent humanitarian and husband to Hendel,

HendelKerna’s wife, consort to the Governor of Ajunah and mother to his two children

PretaKerna’s daughter,
Baru: Kerna’s son,

Docha: Personal servant to Hendel,

Captain: Officer in the High Council’s militia,

Earther: One of the peasant workers on Kerna’s estate,

MilitiaMembers of the High Council’s forces,
Old Woman: A scheming peasant on the road to Dreipentz,

Jerzy: A slaver,

SlaverA member of Jerzy’s crew.

Malgortza:  A beater in Kanghana, the Rent Collector’s, compound.

Katarzyna: Another beater in Kanghana’s compound,

Jogada: A polisher in Kanghana’s compound,

Oskar: The Headman in Kanghana’s compound,

Kanghana: The Rent Collector in Pandu Province,

Daria: Kanghana’s daughter,

Entourage: A member of Kanghana’s personal militia,

Lena: Lena is a geologue in the service of Kanghana,

Minister: A Chief Minister representing the High Council,

Mickolaj: A slaver at the festival in Sado

Andrzej: A slaver in Sado

Kaja: A young woman and sometime female friend of Andrzej,

Martyna: A young woman from Sado and friend to Nina,

Nina: A young woman out at the festival without her parents’ permission,

Stanis: A slaver and friend of Jerzy,

Jakub: An old man in the service of Kanghana,

Piotr: A fisherman in Sado,

BlazejAnother fisherman in Sado,

1st Soldier: A member of the City Guard in Sado 

2nd Soldier: Another member of the City Guard in Sado

Gardaish: The Chamberlain in Sado,

LiliaOne of Gardaish’s concubine,
Magda: Another of Gardaish’s concubine,

Guard: A security guard in Kanghana’s compound,

ShamanA female warrior monk and member of the Dustbiters, a desert people,
2nd Shaman: Another warrior monk,

3rd Shaman: Another warrior monk,

1st Rider: A member of Kanghana’s mounted militia,

2nd Rider: Another member of Kanghana’s mounted militia,

Principal: Private Secretary to the Patrician of the High Council,

Patrician: The High Master of the High Council,

LieutenantAide-de-Camp of Baru as the Governor of Pandhu Province. 


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