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Below are details of two workshops I'm offering to schools and colleges. They are planned as whole day experiences for senior drama students and can be individually tailored to meet the needs of your students and the examination syllabus being studied.  I can also focus these into the specific needs of the syllabus being followed.


Ideally they are suited to A Level Drama and Theatre Studies students but would also be useful to BTEC and Performing Arts students. They can also be tailored to GCSE students if it's felt that such a workshop might be of interest and use for a devising element in the course.

Making a Scene

This whole day workshop explores the relationship between the actor and the playwright. Drawing on the research I undertook as part of my MA in Dramatic Writing at the University of Sussex, this practical workshop allows students to explore the dynamic within this relationship, and in particular to explore the way in which the skills of one can inform the craft of the other in devising work.

In the workshop students will have the opportunity, i)  to utilise their performance skills to facilitate the writing of dialogue; ii) to explore the musicality of the language within any scene; iii) to explore the internal tempo/rhythm of the dialogue and the way in which the cadence of the language can inform the playing of any role; iv) to explore the practice of Edward Bond and Arthur Miller as playwrights and the way in which the processes they utlilised might inform the students' own practice; v) to explore truth and lies in dialogue and connecting the audience to the essential truths of the play; vi) the way in which an understanding of Brecht's Gestus might inform the construction and playing of any scene, as well as a wide range of structural models that might help inform the students' own work. In addition the students will be provided with all the necessary academic references and thinking that underpins the workshop.


This 'hands on' workshop will enable students to work practically with the theories of Stanislavski, Sanford Meisner and Brecht, amongst others, in order to create scenes that ring with authentic dialogue and which provide the actor with the blueprint for a creative and emotionally complex performance.

This workshop is initially offered for  £200 for the whole day (6 hours teaching) plus expenses.



This exciting one day workshop takes students from the blank page to a piece of performance within the space of six hours. The only preparation is for students to bring with them the recording of a song that, for them, inspires thoughts of a piece of theatre. They should also bring with them a copy of the song's lyrics and a note of the song's duration.

In small groups, the workshop will guide them through a series of exercises, that will explore a wide variety of strategies for exploding material into theatre performance that will deal with dramatic moment, character development, style and genre. Finally, at the end of the six hour period, the students will have a series of fully formed performance pieces, each the length of the original chosen song, that can be rehearsed up and then shared as a piece of performance for a public audience.

This workshop too is initially offered for £200 for the whole day (6 hours teaching) plus expenses.

Like to book a workshop?

If you would like to book either workshop then email me on initially so that we can sort dates and begin to tailor the workshop to your school/college's particular needs. In some circumstances it might be possible to rearrange the way in which the workshops are delivered so if you would like any alteration, please state what you would like in the initial email.


Phil Tong

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