Who am I?

Phil Tong

Until December 2013 Phil was Director of Drama at the City of London Freemen's School, at which point he decided to continue his career as a freelance practitioner, focussing particularly on his work as a playwright. His work for schools and young people's theatre is published on Treepress and news about his other mainstream projects are available on this website.


He held the post at Freemen's for fifteen years, prior to that he was Head of Drama at Tolworth Girls' School in Kingston upon Thames, and before that Drama Tutor on the nationally renowned Brycbox Arts in Education Team.


As a teacher he has had the opportunity to work with some of the pioneering practitioners in Drama education including Cecily O'Neill, Gavin Bolton, Dorothy Heathcote and Jonothan Neelands. In his career Phil has worked with young people in all phases of education, from infants to post-graduate students and in state and independent schools and has produced some outstanding new young actors including Andrew Garfield, Kelly Reilly, Stephanie Hyam, Gabrielle Dempsey, Caitlin Thorburn and Laurence Belcher amongst many others.


In addition he worked for the National Theatre Education Department as a freelance writer preparing work packs for visiting teachers and students and his work as a playwright has been performed in London, Edinburgh, Paris and Milan.


If you want to read an interview with Phil given in April 2016 for Treepress about his work and influences, click on the Treepress symbol below.

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