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Performance Rights

The copyright of 'For The Love of Willie' is the property of the Agnes Owens' Literary Estate and is adapted here under licence.


Phil Tong has asserted his right to be identified as the author of this work  (the theatrical adaptation) and he owns the copyright on it. All rights whatsoever in regard to this play are strictly reserved.


Applications for performance by Schools, Colleges and Universities, including excerpts and readings by amateurs in the English Language throughout the world should be addressed to


Applications for performance by professionals in any medium should be addressed to .


If you would like to order a script from this site please contact me at .



The fees for the performance of 'For the Love of Willie' are as follows:

Complete Script (pdf)  £10.00 for a read only copy
Photocopying rights £20.00 for unlimited copies
Rights for a Single Performance £35.00
Rights for Two Performances £60.00
Rights for Three Performances £75.00
Rights for Four Performances £100.00
Additional Performances £40.00
Photo/Video Rights £50.00
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