The Furrow at the Mercury Theatre

I'm really delighted to say I had a fabulous time at the Mercury Theatre.  It's a really lively and thriving regional theatre and I'm not surprised that it is one of three nominations for regional theatre of the year.


I'm indebted to Lilli Green who played Niamh, Charlotte Luxford who plained Aine, Roisin Keogh who played Deirdre and to Chris Anderson who played Billy. I'd love to work with you all again sometime, and you never know, we may get the chance.

A big thank you to Robbie Taylor Hunt for directing the piece, together with Dan Sherer for managing the whole event and to Daniel Buckroyd, Artistic Director at the Mercury.


What I realised most during the course of the process is that I have, most often,  directed my own work, and having someone else take it on makes you think much more about your contribution as a writer. It's been a big learning curve - I've heard things in this play that I recognise need changing; hence the fact that I'm rewriting now to change the differentials in language register, and to make some sections more actor friendly. I've seen too that you can't keep things in because you like them as a writer - if they don't work they have to go. However, what I've also learned is that I have a real flair for creating rich, rounded characters who have depth - something for actors to really get their teeth into. Finally, I have to recognise that The Furrow is an old form, a three act tragedy, that probably is not what's needed right now in the theatre. So I've started something new, edgy, more modern in style and, I think really exciting - a play with the working title, The Derelict Sisters - began it on the train back home and have already got about 2000 words of dialogue.


But best of all, I feel I've established a relationship with a theatre who are interested in seeing my work in the future - there are no promises in that, but I now have two theatres who want to look seriously at what I write, which can't be bad.


Upwards and onwards

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