The piece is divided into 58 scenes, explores three narrative strands and is a play for  12 characters although some use could be made of judicious doubling of parts in order to reduce the number of actors required. 


Where dual dialogue is indicated by the placing of speeches alongside one another they should happen at the same time - although the precise juxtaposition of them will be a matter for the director and actors to determine. Where there is a hyphen (/) as in Caryl Churchill’s work it is suggested that this becomes a start for juxtaposition of the dual dialogue.


The time line is fractured, and Brendon’s evidence to the parliamentary enquiry should be considered as taking place after the other events in the play. 


In reading about the impact of Covid-19 on individuals I was struck by the many accounts of hallucinations or nightmares patients talked about during their treatment. The imagined, alternative nation is a way of trying to capture this, and whilst imagined, this world should feel very real in production. The old man in pyjamas emerges from this imagined world into the reality of Britain in 2020 towards the end of the play.


The play runs for approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. I would suggest that in production you might wish to consider an interval after Scene 32.

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