Cheek by Jowl

Below is  a link to the LiveStream of Cheek By Jowl's critically reviewed production of 'A Winter's Tale'. It's scheduled to end on 7th May so I suspect this link will die on that day, so if you want to watch it do it soon.

I think Declan Donnellan is a genius and he certainly taught me a great deal about what it means to make theatre as a director and a writer - he certainly was a huge influence on my work with young actors at TGS and CLFS.

In fact, I liked to think of Barbara and I as the Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod of Young People's Theatre - Ah, if only!

So, first check out the trailer.

Like that, then click on the image below to get the Livestream video of the show performed on 19th April 2017. Please note that the action kicks in after 12 minutes 30 seconds of the recording for some reason.

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